Why SEO takes longer to rank websites on the first page

Pittsburgh seoNot long ago in a galaxy far far away, you could buy a domain and create a nice website and after a month or so, it could be ranking on the first page of Google for competitive keywords, and your newly created website would have great traffic running to your website. An SEO professional could enter into a local niche market and easily dominate a local market, kicking out the local websites who may have been there for years.

That has now changed. Google now has filters in place that won’t allow a website to be ranked on the first page for some time. This has caused a lot of frustrations among SEOs, especially those who have not yet made a full time income from this industry. They are forced to wait longer to see some results. With that, client SEO has become more frustrating as well because clients pay the SEO consultant and wish to have some kind of return on their money. Expectations have changed with the Google filters so it is important that the SEO consultant convey those expectations and their client understand.

A Pittsburgh SEO Company Newked has mentioned that it is taking approximately 9 months to achieve first page rankings for medium competitive keywords and roughly 12 months for really competitive keywords. That is nearly twice as long as it was before. The expectations for getting first page rankings were about 6 months.

Google has slowed the process down probably to reduce the amount of individuals currently in the SEO industry. Many people have achieved financial freedom from this industry and it is easy to jump into, as there is no professional education surrounded by it. Making the SEO process more complex plus the combination of the delays to rank will probably cause a reduction of SEOs in the industry making the market more conducive for Google. Remember, Google financially benefits from not having SEOs or many people knowing how SEO is done. in 2015 alone, nearly 60% of Google’s income came from Adwords. Lastly, it ensures that the best quality content earns the spot in the search engines.

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