Adidas Logo History and Evolution

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Adidas Logo History and Evolution

By 1924, the sports shoes were catching steam. The brothers were selling 200,000 pairs annually under the Dassler logo. The original mark featured a bird carrying a lightweight shoe within a shield.

The brothers split up in 1947 after their relationship turned sour. Rudolf started Ruda (later renamed Puma) and Adolf registered Adidas. Both offshoots were named by acronyms of combining letters from their first and last names (Adi was a nickname for Adolf).

The Adidas logo’s first change in 1949 replaced the name Dassler with Adolf Dassler. The sports shoe is more detailed with spikes and the three stripes.  

The iconic three stripes mark was purchased by Adolf Dassler in the 1940s from Finnish footwear manufacturer Karhu Sports. The owner was having money issues due to WWII and sold it to Adolf for two bottles of whiskey and €1,600.

By 1950, all that remained of the previous logo was the font.

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