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How Automating Your Amazon Business with AMZDFY Can Increase Your Bottom Line


When it comes to online selling, the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon. With a massive 50% stake in the eCommerce market, Amazon is undeniably the most attractive platform for online sellers. Within the first three months of 2021 alone, 280,000 new sellers joined Amazon, with 1.2 million more expected to join by the end of the year. 


Currently, there are around 2 million active sellers on Amazon. You can imagine how stiff the competition already is. The question is, how can you take advantage of Amazon’s popularity among online consumers and achieve your sales target? Answer: AMDZFY.


What is AMZDFY?

AMZDFY – Amazon Done-For-You – is an Amazon Automation service created by leading Amazon sellers, Kevin David and David Arnett, to help entrepreneurs realize their online sales potential from their Amazon business. Simply put, this program offers you an extensive range of services, from setting up your storefront to running your Amazon business, including researching and finding profitable products, sourcing products from reliable suppliers, creating optimized product listings, marketing, and more. 




Essentially, a team of Amazon experts practically does everything for you. So, instead of having to constantly deal with the competition, order fulfillments, and customer queries, you now have a system in place that gives you passive income


The Challenges of Being an Amazon Seller

Every Amazon seller comes to this popular online selling platform with the goal of maximizing profit margins. However, while consumers have been flocking this leading online marketplace for practically anything they need, like food, health supplements, clothes, furniture, computing services, and digital content, millions of sellers have mushroomed on this platform as well. This makes it extremely challenging for an average seller to compete and achieve their bottom line.


Some Statistical Data You Need to Know:

  • There are almost 10 million total sellers on Amazon
  • 2 million are active sellers
  • Only 10% of active sellers will reach at least $100,00 in annual sales
  • 70% of Amazon consumers only browse the first page of the search results
  • The first 3 search results receive over 60% of the clicks


Given this information, one can surmise that, in order to thrive in Amazon, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to research, networking, content optimization, marketing, and customer service. And with intense competition, you will have to come up with more aggressive strategies. 


Overcoming These Challenges Through AMZ Automation

The good news is, despite the tough competition and the challenges posed by the Amazon algorithm, you can still succeed on this platform with AMZDFY. And the better news is – this Amazon automation program not only guarantees that you’ll be able to achieve your bottom line, it also offers a fool-proof way for you to earn passive income. It’s not just a solution, it’s a great investment!


Key Responsibilities of an Amazon Seller:

Being an Amazon seller entails several tasks in order to successfully run your Amazon storefront, including the following:

  • Perform product research to determine which products have high-profit potential
  • Source high-quality products at low cost from reliable suppliers (usually overseas)
  • Arrange for your products to be shipped into your country 
  • Store your inventory at a warehouse, or Amazon’s warehouse if you use Amazon FBA
  • Research relevant keywords and optimize your product listings
  • Launch and promote your products with Amazon PPC ad campaigns


Imagine being able to offer products that sell and getting 5-star ratings from raving customers without lifting a finger! With AMZDFY, you get to own a fully operational Amazon storefront without having to do the work of managing day-to-day processes. The AMZDFY team takes care of this, in exchange for a profit share.


What Happens When You Invest in AMZDFY?

When you invest in the AMZDFY partnership program, you start earning passive income, as Kevin David and his team of Amazon experts set up, manage, and scale your Amazon business for you. Enrollment into the AMZDFY partnership program enables you to leverage the knowledge, skills, and experience of Kevin David and his expert team and experience an increase in your bottom line. 


Here’s What Kevin David and the AMZDFY Team Can Do for You:

  • Conduct product research for you
  • Recommend a shortlist of best-selling products that will suit your business
  • Provide you with templates and other helpful resources to guide you in sourcing products at the best prices
  • Create a fully optimized product listing for you
  • Launch your product and implement PPC ad campaigns and other promotional methods

to get your listing on page one of the Amazon search results page

  • Help you reach your sales target and optimize your profit potential


Investing in AMZDFY – Is It Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! Despite the stiff competition, a well-executed Amazon business by the AMZDFY team guarantees attractive returns on your investment. Amazon is not just a popular e-commerce platform; it is the largest online marketplace on a global scale.


Key Insights on Amazon as a Selling Platform:

  • Amazon has a massive 50% stake in the eCommerce market (followed by eBay – 6.6%; Apple and Walmart, 4%)
  • 85% of Amazon sellers are profitable
  • 64% of Amazon sellers are profitable within their first year of selling
  • Amazon seller profits increased by 62% in 2020
  • In the last quarter of 2020 alone, Amazon’s sales revenue reached around $125 billion


AMZDFY is a Low-Risk Investment

Compared to the stock market, AMZDFY is a low-risk and safe investment. Given Amazon’s consistent yearly growth in net revenue and the rise in demand for online products, you can rest assured that your Amazon business will experience success in the expert hands of AMZDFY. 


The AMZDFY team consists of experts who have obtained huge success selling on Amazon and building profitable stores for their clients. With their knowledge and skills, you are guaranteed of profitability and a steady flow of passive income.


What Clients Are Saying About Kevin David’s AMZDFY Program

Need more convincing about how AMZDFY is worth investing in? Here are some reviews and success stories of people who have benefitted from Kevin David’s mentorship and the AMZDFY program:


Melissa N:

OMG I finally did it!!! I started selling on Amazon in April 2018, one month before giving birth to my second boy. I always knew my journey would be slower, but I made it happen thanks to Kevin David’s guidance. Finally, I can live a life I desire.


Saajan P.

In 30 days, unreal. Power of Q4. I started FBA 1 year ago and there were countless shortcomings, but you gotta stay focused and consistent. Thank you Kevin David, for making this possible.


Devon R.

Kevin David, you provide so much value in the AMZDFY program, I will never hesitate to let people know. Thank you!


Mia E.

I did $$$$ in one day from the high-ticket CBD mastermind I created and I could never have done it without Kevin David’s guidance!


Here’s the bottom line – the Amazon Automation service from DK Automation enables your business to run on autopilot and generate passive income for you. Kevin David and his AMZDFY team’s proven blueprint for success guarantees growth in your sales revenue, just as they have done for many other Amazon sellers.

If you are ready to start receiving passive income and experience success on Amazon, enroll in the AMZDFY program today.



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