ContArte Published Illustrations Throwback


ContArte Published Illustrations Throwback


For the past four years I have been collaborating with a Spanish non-for-profit organization Art i Més, from Gandia, Valencia, for their bi-annual publication ContArte. I created several of their cover illustrations and I also illustrated many of the wonderful stories. 
Through their writing workshops they bring the community together, an intergenerational space that gives a voice to anyone who wants to share it. They pick a specific theme to create those stories, they work during five months, weekly, to help each other so they can publish two compilations a year. But not only they publish the books, but put together several reading events, partner with a local radio to air the stories made into audiobooks, and give all their earnings to another local non-for-profit that helps kids with terminal illnesses. 

Un tren de cuentos

Huellas de diez ciudades

Un universo de historias

Patitas con Alma

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