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Creative Food Label Design Inspirations For Munching

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Creative Food Label Design Inspirations For Munching

How many times have you stopped by a food item at a grocery store because the label or packaging caught your eye? Probably quite a few.

When it comes to food labels, good design is very important. You might not pay attention to it in the beginning, but creativity can go a long way in attracting customers and increasing sales. Other than that, the attractive designs of food labels also help establish a strong brand identity and make the audience familiar with the brand.

If you think about it, there are many snacks or foods that you may just buy for their attractive packaging or label design. There are several elements to consider while deciding upon a design for the food label, which include your logo, tagline, and details about the item. With a creative and unique idea, you can make any of the snacks stand out on the shelves and encourage people to try them out.

In case you are looking for ideas, these creative label designs for midnight munching might just inspire you.

Die-Cut Labels

Now, most food labels or any for that matter are customized and die-cut according to the requirements. While it is common to come across such designs, you should try and focus on creating a label with a custom die-cut shape which fits well with the product and packaging. If your food label design appears out of place or does not represent your branding, you may find it difficult to catch the eye of a potential customer.

With die-cut food labels, it becomes easier to maintain quality and durability as they are harder to remove as well. For snacks to munch on during the night, such designs can make quite an impact on the shelf. If you take a look at the examples below, you can see how die-cut label designs have increased the appeal of the product. They also help boost brand awareness and help people identify the business later on as well.

Food Label Design Inspiration 1
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Food Label Design Inspiration 2
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Food Label Design Inspiration 3
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Design Tip: Create custom die-cut shapes or label designs that keep the food item visible and convey relevant information about it too.

Transparent Or Clear Background

You may see a lot of food items and snacks with transparency or see through labels on the packaging. This way, people can easily check what they are buying and build trust in the brand as well. Transparent label designs are quite creative and can work very well with different packaging. You also have the option of experimenting with various colors, font styles and typography to highlight relevant information in the label.

While transparent food labels are best used on jars or solid containers, you can consider them for all kinds of snacks. Mostly, when consumers buy items for midnight munching, they look for healthy options. Some people might also load up on carbs and stock items such as tortilla chips, cheese, chocolates or similar items. With a clear label, you could increase the appeal of the packaging and product, and help consumers make a well-informed decision too.

Food Label Design Inspiration 4
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Food Label Design Inspiration 5
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Food Label Design Inspiration 6
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Design Tip: Look for a transparent food label design which highlights the branding elements and attracts attention instantly.


Designers and businesses can be quite creative with food label designs. If you want to go for something loud and elaborate, there are various patterns which could make the label eye-catching from a distance. You can also try a minimalist design along the borders. This way, it becomes easier to experiment with the food label design and also make the packaging distinct from the competitors.

In case you already have an illustrative or pattern logo design, you can create your food label around that. Try matching the background with it or go with a cut-out shape that stands out on the packaging. If you are looking to increase the sales of snacks for midnight munching, appealing food label designs could work for that as well. Patterns can make the product look attractive on the shelf which can encourage consumers to give it a try during a grocery run.

Food Label Design Inspiration 7
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Food Label Design Inspiration 8
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Food Label Design Inspiration 9
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Design Tip: Opt for a pattern that doesn’t create any readability issues for the consumer. Make sure that your audience can get all the information that they want from the label.

Geometric Or Abstract Shapes

Sometimes, a simple abstract or geometric shape can go a long way in making an impact on the food packaging. You can look for a food label design with a triangular or circular cut-out. Sometimes, brands also go with abstract objects that represent the product or an ingredient used to make it.

With such designs, you might be able to make the consumer pause and take a second look at the item. They might even choose those snacks for midnight munching that have a unique food label design. Different shapes can make the packaging appear more interesting and add to the value of the product as well.

Food Label Design Inspiration 10
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Food Label Design Inspiration 11
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Food Label Design Inspiration 12
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Design Tip: Go for a shape that highlights the elements on the food label such as logo, slogan and product details.


Sometimes, sticking to a vintage or old school design can be a great idea. While modern and minimalist food labels do have a wide appeal, you can choose a vintage style which reminds people of the previous decades or era.

If you think about it, there are popular snacks from back in the day that you might have heard about or seen in TV shows and movies.You might just be able to get inspiration for your food label design.

Other than that, you can also use imagery or typography that encourages people to pick up the item and look for more details. Sometimes, a potential customer can just buy something for midnight munching because it brings out nostalgic feelings or good memories.

Food Label Design Inspiration 14
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Food Label Design Inspiration 13
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Food Label Design Inspiration 15
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Design Tip: Create a vintage food label design with serif or script font, thin borders and images that are relevant to your branding as well.

Color Contrast

When it comes to the color scheme or palette of food label designs, there are a lot of things to consider. You should know that using the right colors can help your product make an instant impact and help build a positive perception of your brand. For a creative food label, you can go with gradients, shades or contrasting, loud colors. Think about some of your favorite snacks to munch on during the day or late at night.

Can you pick them out easily from the packaging at any store? This might be because of the color, design and food label. You can create a vibrant color contrast in your design that complements the packaging or stands out on it.

Design Inspiration: Use soft or bold colors such as red and yellow, white and green or blue in any combination. You can experiment with the color palette and choose accordingly.

Food Label Design Inspiration 16
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Food Label Design Inspiration 17
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Food Label Design Inspiration 18
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Wrapping Up

These are some creative food label design inspirations for midnight munching that you can consider. You can collaborate with a designer and create a professional design that represents your brand and is informative too. Food labels are one of the first things that people notice on a product so make sure that your design is unique and catches the interest of the consumer.

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