Début Art — Reposting Type 7 Magazine: Digital artist Chris...

Début Art — Reposting Type 7 Magazine: Digital artist Chris…


Début Art — Reposting Type 7 Magazine: Digital artist Chris…

Reposting Type 7 Magazine:

Digital artist Chris Labrooy has spent the last few years as something of a social media legend in the Porsche community, designing impossible outlandish scenes around iconic 911 shapes. 2.7RS shells were suddenly floating on out of this world pools as if they had been inflated like a pool toy, in other cases bending around trees like they were cast in rubber. Our own @tedgushue explains how his latest project came together in China:

“In late August 2020 as the world was easing into an Autumn lockdown I was messaging with my buddy @carloludovico who sent over one of @chrislabrooy’s renderings, remarking how cool it would be to see one in real life.

At the time Carlo was the Creative Director of @garageitalia, and after a few conversations with his team they were confident they could make a real life version of one of Labrooy’s sculptures become a reality.

Enter @d0hil and the creative Brand team at Porsche who championed the project to their colleagues in Shanghai who saw a unique opportunity to celebrate the launch of Porsche in China with the 996, the first model ever offered to the Chinese market.

After 12 months and endless prototyping by the @garageitalia team with the design direction of @chrislabrooy, our colleagues at Porsche China were able to unveil it to their community, the world’s first real world 3D “art car” of Chris Labrooy’s digital dreams.”

Artwork: @chrislabrooy
Build by @garageitalia
Behind the scenes photos by @lzrndr .

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