Donating 10 Books to: Bronx Bound Books


Donating 10 Books to: Bronx Bound Books

Bronx Bound Books is a bookstore on wheels aka a bookmobile. It is in the making, and will travel the streets of The Bronx to bring literature to the people. Bronx Bound Books is leaving no community behind. It will be a mobile bookstore able to travel throughout the borough. Especially to neighborhoods where it may be needed the most.
It has been years already, I met Latanya when she was part of the advisory committee of BxArts Factory. SInce then we have collaborated many times. When I was about to launch this Kickstarter campaign I wanted to include the opportunity of people giving back. There is a pledge where you can donate 15 books to Bronx Bound Books and that is accompanied by a book reading and a workshop. 

I am going to send them 10 books from the donations I got without a pledge, so follow my lead and help them get some Holiday reading books for the Bronx kids.

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