How to Create the Perfect Yoga Logo Design

Logo Design

How to Create the Perfect Yoga Logo Design

Colors hold a lot of meaning in design. We automatically experience subconscious feelings when we see color. In yoga, all colors are permissible, since the chakras are aligned to each color. It’s really a matter of choosing what colors best represent your brand.

Before choosing a color, you should understand the meaning of colors for a yogi. The warmer colors (yellow, orange and red) will represent the lower chakras responsible for action (solar plexus, sacral and root chakras). The cooler colors (blue, indigo and violet) represent the upper chakras responsible for focus and mindfulness (throat, third eye and crown chakras). Green symbolizes the heart chakra and openness to growth.

So, while a power yoga studio may use red and orange, a yoga Nidra (deep meditation) guide may use violet or indigo. It all comes down to what you want to express. Here are some popular logo colors for a yoga brand.

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