Inktober 2021, Day 6: Spirit

Inktober 2021, Day 6: Spirit


Inktober 2021, Day 6: Spirit

*Rice On The Other, volume 1 #3


*Advanstar Medical Economics

*American Atheist Magazine

*Catalog for the First International Exhibition Of Posters And Caricatures – Nazism! (St. Petersburg, Russia)

*Catolog for 44th International Knokke-Heist Cartoon Festival (Belgium)

*Outer Darkness Magazine

*Spirit (Detroit)

*Spectra, the Sienna Heights College newspaper (Adrian, MI)

*Spine, a CCS publication (Detroit)

*Catalog for the First International Cartoon Festival Of Tabriz (Iran)

*Catalog for the Tabriz Third International Cartoon Festival: Prevention and Addiction 2 (Iran)

*Catalog for the 3rdRhodes International Cartoon Exhibition (Greece)

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