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Office Fonts from H&Co


Office Fonts from H&Co

You know this company: their identity is consistent across their website, their marketing, and their facilities. Yet the material prepared by their sales associate is set in Arial, your sign-up contract is in Times Roman, and your monthly statements use some typeface picked by the lettershop — the same motley palette used by competitors a hundredth their size. It’s tragic, because typography is the least expensive and most effective way of reinforcing a brand, and it’s the easiest thing to get right. All it takes is making sure that the fonts that business users need are ones that support the brand. Enter Office Fonts™ by Hoefler&Co, designed to harmonize all of a brand’s communications.

The right fonts for business users.

Most typefaces are made for design professionals and the sophisticated software they use. But overwhelmingly, brand communications don’t come from designers: they’re the product of word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation packages, software that has a limited facility with type, made for users who shouldn’t have to contend with complex design decisions. To meet their needs, we’ve created Office Fonts: adaptations of our most popular and hardest-working typefaces, specifically retooled for business software. With Office Fonts, business users can reliably use the templates you create in programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, to ensure that everyone who speaks for the brand uses the same consistent voice.

Office Fonts by H&Co are designed with the features that business people need, and business software expects:

Intuitive Families

Designers love H&Co fonts for their robust and expressive families. But non-designers should never be faced with Book or Medium when they just want regular type — and plenty of programs can’t cope with esoteric names, or families that contain anything more than four styles. Office Fonts are arranged into the standard four-style schedule of regular, italic, bold, and bold italic that’s familiar to users, and reliable in all business software. Bold and italic styles are mapped to the familiar keyboard shortcuts B and I, to stop unsavvy applications from faking their own bolds and italics by smearing or slanting roman letters.

Enhanced Clarity

Office Fonts are optimized for small sizes, and engineered for superior rendering on screen in even the most unforgiving environments. Each has an amplified lowercase, a more generous fit, and clearer gestures, which combine to promote legibility at text sizes. The intervals between their regular and bold styles are adjusted to provide optimum contrast at text sizes, to ensure that emphasized lines are never overlooked. Most of all, Office Fonts are designed and engineered with ScreenSmart™ technology to render crisply and clearly on Windows, handily surpassing shopworn favorites like Arial and Times.

Numbers for Business

Only a designer should have to decide between old-style figures, lining figures, and tabular figures. Office Fonts have one and only one set of numbers, built on a fixed width to ensure that columns of numbers always align correctly. Because they’re designed on the same width across all members of a family, switching to bold or italic styles will never disrupt the grid — a feature that extends to the monetary symbols, commercial marks, and punctuation that accompany numerical data.


Office Fonts are produced in TrueType format, to support even the simplest (and oldest) business applications. The same font files can be installed on both Mac and Windows operating systems, making asset management and deployment easy. And each of H&Co’s Office Fonts supports the complete range of languages available in our multipurpose fonts, covering more than 500 languages worldwide.

We’ve created Office Fonts to match all of our most popular typefaces for branding, including sans serifs like Gotham, Whitney, Ringside, and Ideal Sans, and serifs like Archer, Sentinel, Chronicle, and Mercury. Below are just some examples of what Office Fonts can do for you.

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