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Thanks, Obamas.


Thanks, Obamas.

Today, as the saying goes, is the first day of the rest of your life.

For the exiting President and First Lady, who for eight years have represented this nation with dignity, and led it with courage, today begins the next chapter in their lives as public servants, as stewards of the new Office of Barack and Michelle Obama.

We at Hoefler&Co have had the extraordinary privilege of seeing our typefaces accompany the Obamas on every step of their journey. A typographic chronology appears below, beginning with the moment in 2007 that Congressman Barack Obama announced his campaign for the presidency, with the call for change that resonated so powerfully with the American people. The campaign’s decision to use Gotham Bold would forever cement the font’s association not only with the President, but with the presidency itself, and make Gotham the aspirational choice of everyone who is driven to seek higher office through a desire to serve.

It is therefore especially meaningful to me that our typefaces will continue with the Obamas. The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama, its website designed by Blue State Digital and premiering this morning, will be the first organization to use a new H&Co typeface named Ringside, which will launch later this week. Ringside is our most ambitious typeface to date, our largest and most inclusive family ever, reflecting the handiwork of the entire type design team at Hoefler&Co. I could not be more proud to see it debut here. —JH

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