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The Typographic Ticket Book


The Typographic Ticket Book

Inspired by a brush with an inscrutable but no doubt revenue-positive New York City Traffic Regulation, I created my own set of ticketable offenses with which designers could return the favor, or at least have a convincing prop to flash around when they detect typographic trouble. By special issue, then, from the 100% totally real Typographic Violations Division, the Uniform Ticket Book is standard equipment for the modern design enforcer, and it’s now available for a mere $15 from the H&Co Design Shop. Lists thirty-two common design infractions, each with an appropriate penalty, with plenty of room for improvisation.

Authoritatively typeset in Helvetica to provoke maximum anxiety, and jarringly printed in retina-scorching orange, each Notice of Violation is sure to startle, striking an uneasy chill in even the most upstanding designer. Contains fifty tickets, each neatly perforated for a satisfyingly loud rrrip prior to presentation. Bound in soul-deadening municipal pressboard, with a heavy-duty 100pt millboard backing, and foil stamped with an official-looking clip art emblem in gold. Police uniform neither included, nor recommended. For novelty use only. —JH

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