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Type Crits on Twitter


Type Crits on Twitter

From time to time, I’ve been invited to offer advice to designers wrestling with thorny letterforms, and have shared my observations on Twitter. Sometimes these are conversations with first time type designers, other times they’re with accomplished lettering artists who just need a second set of eyes. I love these exchanges (no surprise, this is my day job at Hoefler&Co), so I thought I’d make this a regular feature, open to anyone who’s interested in type.


Above, excerpts of some of the conversations we’ve been having. I’m delighted by the range of projects people have been sending my way, and the opportunities they’ve provided to discuss all the factors that influence a typeface: not only local details (like ‘how to draw an S’), but philosophical topics as well. Swipe through and you’ll find links to each of these critiques.

If you’re a designer who could use a sounding board, send me a direct message and I’ll do my best to get in touch. I’m especially happy to hear from students, from anyone in under-represented communities, and from designers who don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of — not just people working independently, but anyone who’s the lone type fanatic in their world. We’ve all been there! —JH

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