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Typographic Gifts for Designers, Part 11


Typographic Gifts for Designers, Part 11

Picking up where we left off last year, we thought we’d round out 2008 with some holiday ideas for the recovering typophiliac in your life.

I’m intrigued by Jen Bekman’s 20×200, which every week produces small runs of small works on paper, at prices to match. Among their collection of prints and photographs is this limited edition print by Superdeluxe, the studio of designers Adrienne Wong and Karin Spraggs. The appropriately named Ziggurat 5 is a happy riot of color and type, featuring of course the figure five from our own Ziggurat Black typeface. (What is it about artists and fives?) The print is produced in three different editions: a small 8½” × 11″ (22cm × 28cm) in archival pigments, a larger 17″ × 20″ (43cm × 51cm) that includes a letterpress impression, and the largest 30″ × 40″ (76cm × 102cm) which combines printing and silkscreening. Collect all three. Fives. —JH

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