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The New Font Pages

We’ve completely reconceived the way our fonts are shown online. Hardcore type fanatics might enjoy reading our expanded font family descriptions, and those hoping to make the most of their fonts can explore the font feature pages that illustrate what’s inside each package from H&Co. But the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the show, because today’s typography.com debuts a collection of “visual tours” that demonstrate what’s inside even our most comprehensive font packages — including today’s new release, the 106-style Chronicle family.

Collections & Suggestions

An easy way to explore our library is through the “Browse Collections” menu, top right. We’ve organized these by both style and function, and carefully curated each collection so you’re not left wading through every single weight of every single text face looking for just the right one. At the bottom of each font page, you’ll also find some suggestions of which fonts we think work especially well together, accompanied by illustrations that hint at what’s possible.

The New TestDrivers

Eight years ago we developed the first fully-interactive way to try fonts online, and now we’ve gone a few steps better. This year’s TestDriver allows you to compare as many fonts as you want, making it easier to find the perfect font pairing of your own. To see a font’s entire character set, click the Characters button in any TestDriver, and scroll away.

Ask H&Co

Because so many of the topics we’ve explored with our clients are of value to everyone, we’ve decided to gather this experience into a new column called Ask H&Co. Inside you’ll find some of the things we’ve learned about typography over the past nineteen years, starting with two of today’s most important topics: whether OpenType is right for you, and how to get the most out of fonts with grades. Also in this section you’ll find our new FAQ, which covers everything from licensing basics to technical help.


Speaking of OpenType, it’s here. Oh boy is it here. Today we’re launching twelve of our most hard-working font packages in OpenType, including Gotham, Whitney, Verlag, Knockout and Mercury, and of course our new Chronicle collection. Designers with international ambitions will be happy to hear that these — and all of our OpenType fonts — meet H&Co’s new Latin-X® language standard, which covers more than a hundred languages including all of those in Central Europe. Our OpenType program has drawn on the experience of every one of our designers, ensuring that the fonts available from H&Co in 2007 are unquestionably our best ever.

The Blog

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